Podcast EP#45 Incredibles (2014)


This week is part 1 of a 2 part crossover event with Josh Burkey from the Victims and Villains podcast! This week on the podcast we are talking all about the first Incredibles film as we build up to Incredibles 2! We talk about why this film is one of the best superhero films that is accessible to both kids and adults. After listening to this episode make sure to check out the conversation of Incredibles 2 next week at Victims and Villains. You can find out more about Victims and Villains at the link below!



Podcast EP#44 Our Favorite Han Solo Moments

Our Favorite Han Solo Moments

This week Matt and Myke Olsen are back to talk more about Han Solo! Along with giving some more thoughts about Solo A Star Wars Story and the box office we are also sharing our favorite Han Solo moments from across the 5 films he has appeared in! In our discussion, we touch on the topics of being there for the important people in our lives, the significance of friendship, and much more! What are some of your favorite Han Solo moments?


“The Greatest Teacher, Failure is”

*Spoiler Alert For Star Wars The Last Jedi.

How many times have you heard the word failure and thought that it had a negative connotation to it? We are brought up to think the word failure is a terrible thing. Whether it’s failing a math test, missing the game-winning shot, being let go from your job, not sticking to our New’s Year’s resolutions, getting in a fight with a loved one, or losing money on a bad business decision, we are trained to think these are all negative and bad things.

Being afraid to fail is something that I have struggled at many different times in my life. There are many things I passed up because I was afraid that I would fail if I tried. Along with being afraid to fail, I have also struggled to embrace failure in my life. Admitting failure can be especially difficult. Continue reading ““The Greatest Teacher, Failure is””