Podcast EP#29 Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther

This past weekend Black Panther took the world by storm and we are here to talk about all details! Matt Olsen, Jacob Miller, and Justin Lozada come by to talk with Thomas about the movie that everyone is talking about. Along with sharing our thoughts on the film we also talk about the cultural and social significance of the movie. We finish the episode with our usual thoughts about what we found inspiring about the movie. Be sure to listen and then let us you know what you thought of the movie!


Podcast EP#28 Interview: Mark Hughes-Why Superheroes are Important

Interview: Mark Hughes-Why Superheroes are Important

We’ve got a special bonus episode for you this week! Mark Hughes from Forbes stops by to chat with Thomas about why superheroes are important! This is a conversation that should not be missed as we discuss the real world implication of these heroes and how they can inspire us for good. We also chat a bit about what we think are some of the best superhero films! To keep up with Mark you can do so at the links below:



Podcast #27 Interview: Brendan Low-Why Superheroes are Important

Interview: Brendan Low-Why Superheroes are Important

This week I am continuing my chats with fans about why superheroes are important. From the great state of Queensland Australia Brendan Low, from the Knight Light Podcast, stops by to share some of his thoughts about why superheroes are important! We specifically get into talking about the Dark Knight and also have a great chat about one of the more scorned Batman films, Batman Forever. After listening to this episode make sure to check out Brendan’s podcast https://theknightlight.podbean.com/. Also stay tuned for next weeks episode when we discuss the newest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther!

Podcast EP#26 Interview: Why Superheroes are Important with Jake Dietz

Interview: Why Superheroes are Important with Jake Dietz

This is the first in a new series of interviews that I will be doing with superhero fans from all over the world! In each of these interviews, we will be discussing why Superheroes are so important! This week I am sitting down with fellow nerd Jake Dietz to talk about this subject. Along with that, we talk about some of his favorite superhero movies, moments, and how to respond to some of the negative aspects of being a fan. If you want to check out more of Jake’s work you can do so at http://thegeekymormon.com/.