Ranking: Top 10 Episodes of Batman The Animated Series

25 years ago Batman The Animated Series debuted on Fox Kids. This show is what gave me such a love for Batman in the first place and was a staple in my after school routine as a kid. While it was made for kids, it’s one that all ages can enjoy. The stories are dark, smart, and most of all a lot of fun. It has some of the best Batman stories ever told in my opinion. For a kids cartoon the action is also very good. It’s got a unique animation style and some amazing voice acting. This is THE Batman show. If anyone really wants to get to know the character and not get overwhelmed with the thousands of comics this is the best place to go for it. There are now hundreds of versions and interpretations of Batman but this and the Dark Knight Trilogy are my favorite interpretations of the character.

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In order to celebrate it’s 25 year anniversary I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of my favorite episodes from the series. So here are my 10 favorite episodes:

10. Joker’s Favor 

This is fantastic episodes that demonstrates just how creepy the Joker can get.

9. Heart of Ice

This episodes takes one of Batman’s silliest rogue’s gallery, Mr. Freeze and turns him into deep emotional and three dimensional character.

8. Almost Got’Im

This is one of the funnest episodes of the series that puts Batman’s enemies at the fore front of the story.

7. Robin’s Reckoning

Robin is character that many Batman fans debate whether or not he is useful to the caped crusader or not. This two part episode answers that question and also tells an emotional origin story for Robin.

6. Old Wounds

This is another episode that focuses on the Robin and Batman’s relationship that shows just how complex things can get between the two of them and also why Robin is such an important character.

5. Mad Love

Mad love tells the origin of Harley Quinn’s relationship with the Joker that’s both a lot fun and heart breaking.

4. Two Face

Harvey Two-Face is one of Batman’s most complex and interesting villains and this two part episode does a fantastic job at exploring his fascinating origin.

3. His Silicon Soul

While this may not be one that many other fans would put so high, but as a kid this was my favorite episode. While it’s a bit cliche I’ve always loved seeing heroes face a dark version of themselves and this episode does a great job at symbolizing the conflict that’s always brewing within the dark knight to not give into darkness.

2. Over the Edge

This is episode explores so many fascinating questions that have a lot of moral implications. It does so in a very intense and entertaining way. Over the Edge is a dark but incredibly entertaining episode.

1. Trial

The Trial is such a perfect representation of why this show is so good. It’s dark, but also a lot of fun. It’s a blast to see all of Batman’s Rogue Galleries in one spot as well. 

Thank you reading! What are some of your favorite episodes Batman The Animated Series?

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