Top 10 Best Movies of 2017

It is time for the top 10 best movies of 2017 list. Now, this is not a list of the best superhero films, but rather just my favorite movies from all of cinema this past year. (For more on the best superhero films of 2017 make sure to stay tuned for the next podcast episode coming very soon!) I haven’t seen every movie that came out in 2017 and my list will most likely be very different from yours. Keep on reading to see what made the list and for some extra bonuses! (Also if you want to see my top 10 lists from previous years you can check them all out here: 20162015201420132012).


10. Baby Driver


This film lived up to all the hype and praise as one of the most stylish, exciting, and fun movies of the year. Ansel Elgort creates an incredibly likable character in Baby and delivers a story that’s a blast from start to finish.


9. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


While not quite as polished and put together as the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2 is still an incredible ride from start to finish. The laughs are bigger and so is the spectacle. What makes this film work though are the character moments and interactions. I love how flawed each of these characters is but also how relatable and heroic they can be. Check out the podcast episode here.


8. The Greatest Showman


I was not expecting to be moved the way I was watching this flick. I was literally in tears in the first 5 minutes and if a movie can do that it’s doing something right. While the real P.T. Barnum’s life was much more controversial than depicted here in this film, that doesn’t stop this movie from being a show-stopping good time. The music is fantastic, the acting is stellar (Hugh Jackman once again shines), and the messages are timely and important as ever!


7. Brisby Bear


This movie is one of the weirdest and quirkiest movies I’ve seen but in the very best way. It’s funny, sweet, and it has a ton of heart. It’s got great characters that are easy to relate to. Mark Hamill also delivers his first out of two fantastic performances this year. It’s a blast from start to finish. Check out the podcast episode here.


6. Thor Ragnarok


This was easily the most fun I had in a movie all year. It’s hilarious but has fantastic action. I had a smile on my face throughout the whole thing. After seeing it I immediately wanted to see it again. Director Taika Waititi has such great sense of humor that lent itself well to the Thor franchise. I hope to see more of him directing future Marvel films. Check out the podcast episode here.


5. War for the Planet of the Apes


I never thought I would care so much for an ape as I did in this film. Andy Serkis’s Ceaser is one of most empathic and fleshed out fictional characters to come out of a film in the last 10 years. This movie takes him on such an emotional and spiritual journey that is both heartbreaking and moving. I love that this movie is not so much about the physical war of the characters but rather the emotional and mental wars going on inside of them.


4. Dunkirk


Dunkirk is an unconventional but striking war film. It’s both inspiring and horrific. Like most of director Christopher Nolan films, it plays out almost like a puzzle and takes its time piecing itself together. By the end, it forms together as a piece of art that is absolutely stunning and inspiring to behold. Rather than putting out a story of characters we get to know throughout the film, this movie creates an experience that is absolutely thrilling to behold.

3. Logan


Talk about a tear jerker! For the last 17 years, I have adored watching Hugh Jackman play the role of Logan/Wolverine. It’s been an absolute treat to watch him perform. Even when the movies weren’t that great he was. Logan was the perfect send off to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal as Logan/Wolverine. Not only was it emotional seeing his last take on the character the movie itself crafts a wonderful story about family and second chances. Any other year this movie would probably take my number one spot. Check out the podcast episode here.

2. Wonder Woman


I expected to like Wonder Woman, but I didn’t expect to absolutely love it and feel so much emotion and empowerment from it. I found myself tearing up literally within the first few minutes of this movie and it didn’t stop there. On top of that Wonder Woman brought us fantastic characters, great action, and inspiring themes of compassion and standing up for other. Having a daughter this year and knowing that she can grow up with a superhero like this makes me love this movie even more. Check out the podcast episode here.


1. Star Wars The Last Jedi


I know I have a bias, but The Last Jedi was the best movie of the year for me for many reasons. It was funny, exhilarating, unexpected, exciting, but most of all it had tons of depth. I found myself talking and analyzing this movie more so than any other this year. It was everything I could have hoped for and so much more. This movie came in as my 2nd favorite Star Wars movie, which is a very hard spot to top for me. Check out the podcast episode here and here.

Those are my 10 favorite movies of 2017! What are your favorites of the year?

Just for fun here are some honorable mentions, worst movies of 2017, and the movies I’m looking forward to most in 2018!


Honorable Mentions:

Lego Batman

Get Out

Lost City of Z

The Big Sick

Spider-man Homecoming

Logan Lucky

Blade Runner 2049


Worst Movies of 2017:

Transformers The Last Knight

Atomic Blonde

The Mummy



Movies I’m Looking Foward to Most in 2018: 

Black Panther

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Avengers Infinity War

X-Men Dark Phoenix

Creed 2

Fantastic Beasts 2

What are you looking forward to most in 2018?

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