Podcast EP#25 Looking Back at Heath Ledger’s Joker

Looking Back at Heath Ledger’s Joker

10 years ago we lost the great Heath Ledger to a tragic death. Before passing, fans all over the world were anxiously waiting to see his portrayal as the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated The Dark Knight.Now his performance is regarded as one of the greatest depictions of a villain in all of film and this week we want to spend a few minutes honoring his performance and sharing some memories. Make sure to tune in as Matt and Myke Olsen join the show to talk about the legendary Heath Ledger!


Podcast EP#24 Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things 2

While it’s technically not a superhero film, Stranger Things 2 is a show filled with pop culture references that it became almost necessary that we discuss it on this show! Myke Olsen returns to the show and Matt Loper joins for the first time to talk about all the creepy things happening to the Hopper, Joyce, Eleven, and the boys in Hawkins Indiana! Along with discussing the details of the show we also discuss the importance of being yourself, friendship, not waiting for others to solve your problems and much more!


Podcast EP#22 Superhero Movie Awards 2017

Superhero Awards 2017

On the first episode of 2018, we are going back and looking at all the Superhero films of 2017. This past year was one of the best years for superhero films and we wanted to honor that by looking at all the great films we got this year. Here are some of the awards that we give out and discuss in the first ever Superhero Moviecast awards: best actor, best actress, best fight scene, most inspiring moment, best film, and much more! Matt Olsen, Moriya Porter, and Colton Brazier join in to help determine which nominees take home the awards. We finish up the episode by talking about which superhero film coming out in 2018!